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So yeap, this is me right, shocking right? Soon the scars will desappear…the scars of pain…won’t.

So I just wanna share my stupid mistake, my stupid depression…can I be sorry for beeing sad? for not having support? Can someone judge me for my mental problems? dare you.

Forgive me God, forgive me family, forgive you all, Im not strong enough, Im not that perfect, can’t control myself, my feelings, my depression…

A year ago I left this behavior, I felt in love, I was happy or maybe I thought I was happy, maybe I wasn’t ready to be happy, maybe is all wrong, maybe you should be thankful about your incredible sense of control that not everyone have…don’t judge me, don’t tell me is stupid unless you wanna help me, support? friends? no, i dont have and only a few people can understand what I feel, so this is me, the real me, when depression wins the battle. Im out.

"Welcome back mental problems, welcome back depression, I’ve miss you a lot knife.."

"The scars are there to remember you a memory that made you go through this…"

"Help me please"

dont push me to my limits, 

Oh dear tumblr

Oh dear tumblr, place where I can be the real me, not afraid of who I am, not afraid of whatever people think about me, what they will say when they realize the type of person that I am, Oh dear tumblr can you marry me tonight? can you stop the pain for a second? can you eat my feelings? show me new strangers, show me more people like me, people that understand me more than those that are called “friends”, this is my world, this my place, Im not longer alone, at least here I can leave my scence, my real life, my feelings…hold me please. 

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